A few photos showcasing the first few months I got my camera. All shot in jpeg and are unedited/unenhanced and (should be) in chronological order

I believe this was the first photo I planned to take. It was inspired by a shot I took with an old film camera i picked up while waiting for my current camera to arrive.

This was my first attempt at a macro shot taken before I understood that not every lens is capable of good close-up shots.

Moon picture possible with the aid of a telescope.

Testing out the zoom of my lens. I don’t remember if this photo is cropped. I don’t think it is but it might be.

One of my first true macro shots. Its just a macro of a normal paperback book.

This is another one of my early macro shots.

Meerkat snuggles.

Not sure what to say for the next few photos. Taken at Sydney Zoo.

Another nicely timed shot taken at Sydney Zoo.


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